Thursday, March 21, 2013

Working Girl

image courtesy of Dean McCoy PhotographyWrite at the Merge, Week 12
The Prompt: Speaking of legs… we’re offering you a photo and a song this week. Happy writing!

I chose the photo, and had a hard time coming up with something.  As usual, I found the weird.  Actually with help from the husband.  Sometimes I wonder about him....

Terry swaggered up the street.  She was late getting started this evening, she had to have an extra snort of powder to steel herself for another night of reading the johns.  Her goal was surviving until morning.  Too many girls had gone missing over the past month.  

She rounded the corner, making her way to her favorite post, a street light in the center of the block.  It would be a long night, traffic was unusually light.  

As Terry neared the light pole, she slowed her stride. Someone else was under the light.  It was a woman, her back turned to Terry, long legs in fish net stockings, perched atop impossibly high stiletto heels.  The woman's body hugging shift grazed her knees. 

"Not gonna get the homies that way," Terry muttered to herself.  To the figure ahead she shouted, "Hey! Bitch!  That's my track!"

She picked up her pace, "Imma kick your ass, bitch, get off my..."  The figure turned, arms opened wide.  Terry tried to stop her momentum as she saw the glowing red eyes, the only feature in the space that should have been a face.


  1. Another one bites the dust? I love your work and always look forward to see what warped charm you're going to add "this time". I will learn alot from you.

  2. Wow! What a creepy image to end with! I loved this; it's gritty, dark, and leaves me wondering what's going to happen next (though probably not much for your MC.)

  3. Oh my, lovely twist. Beautifully written too, thank you.

  4. oooh, I was so ready for there to be a fight or something but it's an eerie twist!