Saturday, March 16, 2013

Car Jammin"

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100 Word Song – Car Jamming

Linking up with Leeroy again.  This one made me think.  Then the muse came home and it was all okay!  

As always, you have 1 week from, now, to write 100 words inspired by The Clash’s Car Jamming. Be sure to use the Mr. Linky at the bottom and tweet/book o face/google +/smoke signal your link and tell a friend or 50.

It was all they had.  This old car, parked in an alley where the street lights had all been shot out.  Bald tires and peeling vinyl top made it seem right at home with the rest of the trash.

Classic rock blared from the old radio, tinny and under amped.  The jug of Boone's Farm, emptied hours ago, lay abandoned on the front floorboard amidst greasy wrappers that once held greasy hamburgers.

They rolled around the back seat, steaming the windows and risking the remains of the shock absorbers.  It was all they had, this old car.

And each other.


  1. Boone's Farm!

    I think they've got more than they realize. I also think my sentimental side is showing.

  2. "...risking the remains of the shock absorbers..." Love it! You painted a vivid picture and I want to know more about these two.

    I would love it if you'd bring your writing to share at my "I Don't Like Mondays" Blog Hop. You can post anytime all week about anything you want, old or new post. Glad I found you at 100 Word Song!

  3. LOVE!

    And the Boone's Farm nod brought it all home for me, to boot =)