Annag of Clan MacClarren/Anne Marie MacClarren

The stories here are vignettes of Annag of Clan MacClarren, who is also Anne Marie MacClarren.

I have thing for the "long-lived", my characters seem to need to live forever just so I can write what I want.  These are mostly in order of her "time, most are written to prompts from Write on EdgeStory Dam and Lance Burson's 100 Word Song
There is more written but not yet posted.  In time, I hope....

Here are the links to Annag/Anne Marie:
Wedding Feast
Never Forget
The Postcard
The Hunt
If Wishes

And because he is relevant, here are links including Liam Braden.  His story is linked with Anne Marie.
Slice of Secret
Dig Two
Old Acquaintances
Joy Ride
I Am Not Afraid
Sharp Dressed Man
Rock You Like a Hurricane


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