Friday, July 15, 2011

The Prom

You were to write about a pair of shoes of yours or your character's. They can be real or symbolic

She was so excited!  He'd be here soon, and she was far from ready.  It was time to get a move on.

She pulled the dress on, viewed herself in the mirror, adjusted the top, straightened the skirt.  Frowned, then smiled.  Too late to hate it now. 

She brushed her hair carefully, pinned back the errant strands.  Makeup, just a touch of blush and lip color, he didn't care for a lot of "face paint".

Finally she opened the box that held them.  Her shoes, dancing shoes.  She was going to the prom, she was going to dance.  They were beige with little pearls sewed to them.  The soles flat for dancing.  She wasn't going to try to impress him stomping about on spiky little heels. These were the shoes, so soft, so perfect.

One last flash by the mirror, she smiled again, pleased with what she saw.  She was
as ready as she was going to be.

He knocked at the door, her mother led him to the living room where she waited.  He smiled at her and held out his hand.  She clasped it lightly and rose to her feet.  He put the precious corsage on her wrist.

"Are you ready to go dancing?" he asked.

"Oh yes!  I am ready!"


The call had come late in the evening.  They needed someone to come identify the body.  This was not a task she wished to do, but she was the one who lived closest.

"I'm sorry you have to do this, but rules and all.  The old lady in the next room was complaining about the music.  We knocked, but your grandmother didn't answer.  We used the passkey to get in."

Her grandmother was sitting on the sofa, dressed in her best old dress.  It looked like she was wearing some lipstick.  Her hair was carefully brushed back.  In her hands, a pressed flower, no more frail than the hands that held it.

On her feet were the shoes.  The shoes she had shown her granddaughter countless times.  Even long after Granddad had passed away, Grandma would still pull out those shoes.  They were wrinkled and pale as the serene face of her grandmother.  Missing many of the tiny pearls. Her dancing shoes, the ones that had helped her win Granddad's heart.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Midnight Snack

This week, CDG and Yuliya tasked you to push yourselves out of your comfort zone, to shake things up a bit.

It had followed her for some time, attracted by her smell. When it finally struck, her neck was broken with practiced ease. She was dead before her body dropped to the ground. 

It dragged her corpse into the brush, then knelt, savoring the smell of her. An intoxicating odor, it began to drool uncontrollably. 

The hand-like paws stroked her body, the claws cutting her clothing like it was tissue paper. Small gashes oozed blood, that new odor fueling the creature's excitement. 

It lay across her body, sniffing and licking. The paws pushing, groping at her flesh. Each fresh wound, each fresh odor heightening it's lust. 

A breast, freed of fabric was the first taste. Fat laden, succulent. It moaned at the flavor, it's head dipped for a second helping. 

Claws drew down her abdomen lightly at first, then with more urgency. Opening the way to feed on the still warm entrails. 

It fed slowly, delighting in the flavors. And always that intoxicating aroma that first drew it to her. It shivered in ecstasy, gorging on different parts. Stopping to stroke or lick another limb. Cracking bones as it went, even the skull to reach the tender matter there. 

Finally, it was satisfied. It scraped earth and leaves over her remains. It slept curled beside it's kill. 

Jonah awoke in the predawn, confusion at his surroundings.  He started violently as he realized he was naked, and covered in blood and gore.  As he moved, the pile beside him shifted. He recognized in horror the mutilated remains of a human corpse. 

His belly heaved, and the puking began. He tried to catch his breath. A glint in the vomit caught his eye. 

A scream that began in the remains of his soul tore through his body. He screamed again. And again. His eyes still seeing the piece of finger encircled by the engagement ring he had placed on it only two days before.