Sunday, July 10, 2011

Midnight Snack

This week, CDG and Yuliya tasked you to push yourselves out of your comfort zone, to shake things up a bit.

It had followed her for some time, attracted by her smell. When it finally struck, her neck was broken with practiced ease. She was dead before her body dropped to the ground. 

It dragged her corpse into the brush, then knelt, savoring the smell of her. An intoxicating odor, it began to drool uncontrollably. 

The hand-like paws stroked her body, the claws cutting her clothing like it was tissue paper. Small gashes oozed blood, that new odor fueling the creature's excitement. 

It lay across her body, sniffing and licking. The paws pushing, groping at her flesh. Each fresh wound, each fresh odor heightening it's lust. 

A breast, freed of fabric was the first taste. Fat laden, succulent. It moaned at the flavor, it's head dipped for a second helping. 

Claws drew down her abdomen lightly at first, then with more urgency. Opening the way to feed on the still warm entrails. 

It fed slowly, delighting in the flavors. And always that intoxicating aroma that first drew it to her. It shivered in ecstasy, gorging on different parts. Stopping to stroke or lick another limb. Cracking bones as it went, even the skull to reach the tender matter there. 

Finally, it was satisfied. It scraped earth and leaves over her remains. It slept curled beside it's kill. 

Jonah awoke in the predawn, confusion at his surroundings.  He started violently as he realized he was naked, and covered in blood and gore.  As he moved, the pile beside him shifted. He recognized in horror the mutilated remains of a human corpse. 

His belly heaved, and the puking began. He tried to catch his breath. A glint in the vomit caught his eye. 

A scream that began in the remains of his soul tore through his body. He screamed again. And again. His eyes still seeing the piece of finger encircled by the engagement ring he had placed on it only two days before. 



  1. Renee, that was your strongest work yet, in my humble opinion. It's horrifying, but it's visceral and vivid and raw.

    Girl, you nailed it.

  2. I also thought it was extremely vivid and I could feel the tempo of the piece pick up as I read it...fantastic stuff my friend!

  3. Wow, Renee. That was truly disturbing!! Ack!

  4. @CDG
    Thank you so much! Your words mean a lot to me.

  5. @Natalie
    Thank you! I appreciate you stopping by.

  6. @Cheryl
    Yes, I'm disturbed. Also? I gave a warning label! Thanks for reading.

  7. Wow- your muse was on fire with this piece!! What a horrible thing for Jonah!
    The details were so vivid, pace was perfect. Scary, gross, tense, and even lust! Wonderful!