Thursday, June 23, 2011

Once Upon a Purr

Flash Fiction can be fun and a real challenge. This week focus on the words and the strength of each to contribute to your story. Write a 300 word piece using the following word for inspiration: LIFE.

The door opened with only small sound. Six ears perked with curiosity. 
The intruder stepped carefully over the threshold. Twelve velvet paws padded silently from their naps.
The mini flashlight played over someone's belongings. Six incandescent eyes followed the beam. 
The stranger's hand turned the bedroom doorknob. Three tails became exclamation points of shock at the audacity. 
Three growling voices were the last thing the intruder heard before the uncountable talons and teeth began. 

She awoke the next morning to find the back door ajar. How odd.  But, everything seemed in order. 
She opened the cupboard and randomly chose a can. 
"Here kitties, time for breakfast!"
People made fun of her affection for her cats. They didn't get it.  Her cats were her life. 


  1. I didn't find this silly at all. I love the way you described each part of the cats as a reaction and not just an action. I also liked her oblivion to what had happened and that was not necessarily the reason for her affection.

  2. Go kitties!! I love the idea of attack cats :)

    Not only were her cats her life, her life was her cats ;)

  3. Ack!

    In a good way.

    That was scary cool, Renee. I love the cat's physicality becoming part of the action.

    And the mystery of the door ajar.

    I'll never look at my pets the same way again.

  4. LOVED this! I'm a cat lover to the extreme, and this was awesome. Just awesome. I fully believe my cat Sushi would do this... :)

    Loved your descriptions of the cats' movements and actions, just perfect. I could picture them easily. Very nicely told! And a great, unique take on the prompt.

    Stopping by from TRDC.

  5. I so love the idea of the secret lives of kitties, and did giggle when she took the can down, figuring they probably weren't that hungry right at the moment. And given what had happened in the night, made the last three lines utter perfection, 'People made fun of her affection for her cats. They didn't get it. Her cats were her life.'

    But I think that my favorite line was, "Three tails became exclamation points of shock at the audacity." I felt like I could see the looks on their furry faces.

  6. What fun! The cat burglar taken out by - the cats!!

    I agree with Jennifer, the line about the three tails was so stunningly expressive WITHOUT any personification, that is wonderful.

    Her cats were her life. Excellent. :)

  7. That was awesome! Go kitties! LOL. I like the thrill, the protective cats and the loving sentiment at the end. Great job!

  8. Such great descriptions! I like how the cats react to the intruder with increased aggression until the final affront to their mistress.

  9. HA! I liked that - and now it explains why people have cats! ;)

  10. This line is fantastic!
    "Three tails became exclamation points of shock at the audacity."

    I have two dogs-but I bet they'd do the same as the kitties in this wonderful piece of writing!

  11. I'm glad you encouraged me to read this piece. Very charming. :)