Friday, June 17, 2011

Calculated Path

This week we asked you to show us how physical beauty can open doors - or close them. How does it make an impact?

Graleon watched from outside the circle of trees. Lyabet was confronting her mother about the "theft" of her youngest child. He was surprised to learn of the boy's ability. He hadn't considered the possibility that these half humans might be more than pets. 

He remembered first meeting Tam.  He'd  been attracted by her beauty, the red highlights in her hair. Her face was lit from within, a rosy complexion. He almost mistook her for an element of Fire, until he saw her eyes.  They were the color of spring. Leaf green, a give away to her true nature.  When he looked into them he saw life.  She was of the Earth, solid and nurturing.

She'd make the perfect mother for his heir. 



  1. This definitely leaves me wanting to know more. Discovered you from TRDC!

  2. Yikes! Not familiar with the characters but it sounds like Tam's beauty has her in some definite trouble. Love the otherness mixed with the familiar. Stopping by from TRDC!

  3. In this case, physical beauty definitely impacted Tam.
    But you're an awful tease leaving us knowing Graleon knows about the little one's immortality...

    Awful tease.

    Love it.

  4. This is so short, yet so telling and so enticing!

    Love this: "Her face was lit from within"- it gave me shivers!