Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Path Before

We'd like you to write about what your character wants most.
To read more of the story: The Paths of the Elementals

Tamryn Leafeyed, stood quietly, watching the two boys play. The older boy playing with plastic trucks and cars. The younger boy playing with whatever he found. Pebbles, sticks, blades of grass. Their father peeking out the back door regularly.

She remembered watching other children play. She and their father laughing at their antics.

Their father, a beautiful man, skin the color of rich earth. His eyes darkest brown.  She had hair of brown with hints of autumn red, eyes the color of spring leaves.  Her skin lighter, touched with the blush of ripe peach.  Together they had seven beautiful children.

She was happy, she had love. She gave and received love. Love from the beautiful man. Love from the seven beautiful children. She would be happy forever.

Except, they didn't have forever. Tamryn Leafeyed was an Earth Elemental, a force of nature. Yet, she had no power over time, and it went by more quickly than she had imagined it could. The beautiful man became old, though never less beautiful.  When his life ended, she was shocked even though she had known it would happen.

Her seven beautiful children grew to adulthood almost overnight. They had children of their own. Her beautiful grandchildren. 

Her beautiful children became old. When the first of them died of old age in her arms, her heart shredded.  She suddenly understood the consequence of the path she had chosen.

Tam planted the first of seven trees

She stood within the circle of the seven ancient trees, holding the hand of the little boy she had brought with her. Her youngest, newest grandchild. A grandchild that could hear and feel her presence, half human, half elemental.  A child that maybe had forever.

Tears rolled down her cheeks. She never should have hugged that other boy. The other grandchild. The one whose oh-so-human heartbeat still vibrated in her arms. The beats counting down to the end of his days. She wanted so much for him to hear her. To find that her blood was there.

She wanted so much to have them both...forever.


  1. achingly beautiful. so much emotion here. thank you.

  2. Oh yes this story line! I remember it so very well!

    The desire is absolutely perfect here! It resonates through every aching, sad word.

    Excellent, haunting choice!

  3. this is a very intriguing piece. I'd love to hear more!

  4. So very sad to outlive your child. I find it interesting that her child died of old age while she held the child in her arms. I'd like to know the path she chose.

  5. Ooh, is she an Immortal?!? What a great post. The emotion comes through really well. Must find backstory! Off to go look.

  6. There is such an ache in her longing to keep BOTH of her grandchildren with her. I love this thread. The fantasy elements are made so human and real with the concepts of immortality and motherhood twisting together.

  7. Renee, this story gets better with every installment. The characters are so emotionally present, and the poignancy and ferocity of motherhood and forever are just great.

    Tam's a great addition to the cast, and now to figure out her relationship to Lyabet...