Thursday, January 24, 2013

Joy Ride

Write at the Merge: Week 4
This week we were given two images, I chose this one;
Groucho Marx Quotes

        They'd been riding since dawn,the shaggy ponies kept a steady but leisurely pace. Liam  dismounted  at the top of the highest point in the area. The small specks in the distance encouraged him to remount and coax the quickest pace the animals were capable of maintaining without over taxing them.

       After a few hours he said, "We're about to be overtaken, lassie. We'll need to be findin' some cover quick."

       Anne Marie cast an exasperated glance at her traveling companion. "Who wants to kill you this time, Liam?  Some angry husband, perhaps?"

       "Are ye sure it's not yerself they're a trackin' girlie? It seems I've pulled ye outta a scrape or two."  Liam had alit and given his pony a slap on the rump.  The stocky animal lumbered a few paces away and began munching on grass. "Stupid creature. They'll eat ye if they kill us."

       Anne Marie sniffed the air, "I'm fairly certain I don't know this pack."  She chuckled at Liam's discomfiture over her gift.  "It's you they want.  I just want to know why."

       He sighed in resignation. "They think I've disrespected them in some way, I imagine."  Liam looked back at her, "Sweetling, if ye want t' live, I suggest ya get off that lump and draw that slice o' iron ye're a carryin'".  The distant sound of hoof beats was closing on them.

      "I don't use my blade to kill honest men." She turned her pony toward a stand of trees as if to leave.

      "Though I admire yer high principles, I never said they was honest, m'dear.  And ye'll find that out if they kill me."  Liam's eyes roamed her form, "they'll see ye as the spoils.  Even dressed as a man, ye're very comely."

      Anne Marie snorted, then smiled sweetly, "In that case, perhaps my best option is to kill you.  Leave your pretty body where they can find it, and escape while they grieve your loss.  Or rather, the fact that they didn't get to kill you themselves."

"If'n ye kill me, darlin', ye'll not find yer treasure.  So ye have need of me, and ye'd miss me.  Besides, ye just said ye didn't kill men."

      "I said honest men, Liam.  That doesn't apply to you."  She grinned as she dismounted, drawing the iron great sword. "Though, I might miss you.  A little."  She could hear the laboured breathing of horses.  The party was almost upon them.

      "That's me girl!"  Liam chuckled and together they turned to face the eight riders that entered the clearing.

For those that recognize these characters, this event is before Liam undergoes the change that makes him immortal.


  1. Intriguing relationship here; the verbal by-play was fun to read.

  2. Ah Liam. Smart, witty, AND he can fight!

  3. Ah nicely done.

    Some concrit: if/when you revisit, as much as I like Liam's response "If'n ye kill me, darlin', ye'll not find yer treasure. So ye have need of me, and ye'd miss me." -it felt out of character to me. I would think he'd say something akin to "Ye're welcome to try, lass, but ye'll not ha' yer treasure then, will ye now."

    Just a thought.

    Love where you took the scene. Well played!

  4. I like the easy banter between them, even with the imminent danger approaching.

  5. You're obviously having fun with this storyline, and I love how much material you've got now. Keep going; tell us more!

  6. I haven't read the other parts of this piece, but from this bit, I liked the chemistry and interaction between the two of them.