Sunday, January 27, 2013

Careless Love...

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The red dress brought out the highlights in her hair.  She brushed a stray brown strand back into place, as she  chewed on her lightly glossed lower lip.  

She sighed, as she gazed across the room. Covertly watching him, curly blond hair and discreet musculature. His arm possessively wrapped around a honeyed blond...

The honey blond glanced longingly, at every chance, toward the painfully shy young man. Thick black hair crowning his face, that unbeknown to him, was made for Hollywood...

Hollywood sighed, and gazed across the room at the petite brunette in the red dress, chewing on her lip.

100 words inspired by David Bowie’s Soul Love.


  1. Ah, this was wonderful. It seems everyone is looking at someone else. Loved the opening line, it was beautifully written, and I just bought a red dress. :)