Monday, January 21, 2013

Some Days

Our opening sentence this week is from "Emma Donoghue’s “Room 
The first sentence is:   Today I’m five.

Today I am five.

I am five today because I want to sleep beyond four am.

I want to get up late and play with my toys.

I want to play with my toys and my friends and their toys.

I want to watch cartoons and laugh hysterically for no reason.

I want to stomp my foot when I don’t get my way.

I want to stomp both feet when no one listens to me.

I want to say what I want without a filter.

I want…I want to throw a tantrum.

So, today, I will be five!


  1. Oh cute! Yes, some days it's good to be five! I like it!

  2. I would love to be 5 again for just one day! I really enjoyed this post.

  3. I'm living with five. I'd have to agree, it's a pretty good deal.

  4. You sound like my little boy. I think he's got it pretty good, too!

  5. Some days, we just need to do this, don't we?

  6. Hahaha! This also works for 43 =)