Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dressed to Kill

Liam straightened the the sheath of the buck knife on the belt of his black jeans.

The onyx jewelled string tie adorning his cobalt blue shirt concealed a tiny dagger.

He rapped the heel of one snake skin boot and was pleased by the snick as the razor sharp blade sprung from the toe.

He adjusted the tension bands on his forearms, satisfied they would release the daggers when needed.

A quick check of the pockets of his leather jacket. Yes, three shuriken, one switchblade.

Curling a lip at his reflection he thought, "Now, there is one sharp dressed man."

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This is my 100 words inspired by ZZ Top’s Sharp Dressed Man.


  1. Ha! Sharp. Also, ooh... Dangerous.

  2. Sharp... literally, dressed to kill.

  3. was pleased by the snick

    I loved that.