Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Am Not Afraid

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Whee I got to pick the song this week!  I chose John Wayne by Billy Idol, you can see it here:

 I'm not afraid,” he’d said.

He didn't understand. It wasn't a matter of his fear, it was a matter of his choice. A choice that changed everything between them.

She turned her back and walked away.

“I am not afraid,” she told herself, “I am not afraid of being alone.”

It would be better that way. No hearts to distract her. No one to tie her down.

Tonight, it changes. I keep my soul to myself. No more pretense of normalcy.

She mounted the waiting pony, clutched the familiar hilt of the ancient sword.

Just you and me, my love.”


  1. Very bittersweet. It makes me think of foxglove. Very beautiful to look at but can easily kill you. Much like the wrong type of love.

    1. Good description of this relationship. From either side.

  2. I really liked the entire entry, but "I keep my soul to myself" almost slapped me, it was so powerful. Nicely done!

    1. Thank you! I wasn't sure if the feeling came across. I'm glad it did for for you.