Monday, March 11, 2013

No Worries!

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Problems?  What problems?

The furnace only blows cold air once in a while.

That spot on the ceiling hasn't gotten any bigger since the last rain.  So, that's okay.  Right?

And the car?  Well that noise doesn't happen all the time. It can't be too urgent then.  Can it?

There's food in the cupboard and milk in the fridge.   Coffee in the can...


No coffee in the can?

Now that's a problem!


  1. No coffee? Wars have started over lack of coffee. If not, wars should be threatened until coffee is provided!


  2. Now that would be a problem! A big problem!

    This is fun Renee! Being a coffee drinker living in a fixer upper-I could really relate!

  3. That sent a chlll down my spine .. NO COFFEE ugh! Take the house ... please lol.

  4. Such a problem that I am going out today to get coffee, so that won't be the problem tomorrow morning.