Saturday, March 30, 2013

Weekend News

The current prompt is MISBEHAVIN'. Open from 3/25 - 3/39/2013. Get it while it's hot!

Miss Bee Haven was detained by the local authorities last Saturday evening.  

Miss Haven was stopped as she was walking south on Main Street after leaving the local tavern.  The arresting officer reported that upon repeated requests that she verify her personal information, she was escorted to the town lock up pending further investigation.  There is a preliminary charge of resisting arrest, as well as refusal to confirm her identity.

The officer's report indicated that she denied being Miss Bee Haven, and in fact loudly proclaimed several times that she was a good girl, and most certainly was not misbehavin'.


  1. Miss Bee and I would have been kindred spirits back in the day. We could still party together, but now I'd be the sober friend.

    1. May have been there done that myself! A long time ago. Thanks for stopping by!