Saturday, March 23, 2013

Conversation with the Gargoyle

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I've gone a little crazy today and opted to tell a story in two different ways, on two different sites.  The other story is at Velvet Verbosity

"Thee will never reach the light, Liam.  Thee hast chosen the unclean path. Thy soul is forfeit."

Liam leaned on the remains of an ruined pew. He considered the old gargoyle's words. "Ye're sayin' the only way to be saved, is death and rebirth?" 

"Aye.  Without death, thy actions cannot be weighed."

"Ye could vouch for me, old friend." Liam said, "ye've known me since I was a lad."

"I am only the guardian of this ancient chapel, not a judge.  I pray when my weighing comes, the harboring of a ghoul will not tip the scales against me." 

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  1. There's always more than one side to the story, isn't there?

    One small thing (and if it's a deliberate choice, please cheerfully tell me to piss off): when using "thee" and "thou," "thou" is the subject form and "thee" is the object form. So Cedric would say, "Thou will never reach the light," or "the light will never reach thee."