Monday, April 22, 2013


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100 Word Song – Lucretia Macevil
As always, you have 7 days from NOW, to write 100 words inspired by Blood, Sweat, & Tears Lucretia Macevil. Please use Mr. Linky below to post your 100 then tweet, book o face, google +, smoke signal, pony express, or standard mail your 100 word song to everyone you know.

I've visited with the witch, Lillian and the demon, Aslogoth again.  They each have a place in my Chaos in Progress.  Neither are good by any stretch on my imagination.  

Lillian wielded the mortar with increased vigor as the odor of char enveloped her.

Aslozoth pressed against Lillian's back, peering over her shoulder into the pestle. She absently ran clawed fingers down Lillian's arm, across her belly, tracing ever widening circles. Lillian shuddered with longing as the other hand slid from shoulder to hip.

"What potion is this, Witch?"  

"Nothing special, Demon." 

 "You would banish me?"  Aslozoth's whisper threatened to blister the skin of her neck. "Haven't I taught you... everything?"  

Lillian hesitated, then spat, invoking the spell.  

Aslozoth's fading chuckle taunted her. "I'll be waiting for your call, Lillian."


  1. oh, now that is an interesting scene...specifically the longing Lillian has for the demon yet she still banishes it