Tuesday, April 9, 2013


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100 Word Song – Dirty Work
This week, Rene aka http://nottherockefellers.blogspot.com/, chose Steely Dan's Dirty Work.

Aslozoth reached into the murky bog.  As her clawed fingers raked through the muck at the bottom, she admired the red glow of her eyes reflecting from the greasy water. 

Finally her hand closed around the object of her search. She settled on the squelching bank, examining her treasure.

The dull, green orb weighed heavy in her grip. She turned it round slowly, peering at the pattern just beneath the surface.

"There you are, Lillian!"  She drew one razor sharp claw down the stone.  "Who's dirty work is this?  That is some potent magic.  Now... how to get you out."


  1. Great descriptive words and a mystery too boot. You put a lot in 100 words.

  2. that's some dirty work in more ways than one. love this take.

  3. how to get her out? MORE

    Good interpretation