Friday, September 30, 2011

The Færie Ball

This week’s assignment was to write a piece inspired by pictures. You could chose either one or even do both.
What did the images mean to you?
(I chose the spiral staircase)

Soft steps upon the gilded stairs
The færie spiral down
Translucent, jeweled wings 
Mirrored in silken gown

With shining eye and glittered breath
They tiptoe through the door
Their men-folk wait within
Standing breathless on the floor

The lute and pipes and ancient drum
Invite them to begin
The melody hypnotic
Soon they're swaying wing to wing

Slender hips move with the strings
Wings keep time with drum
Haunting  pipes weave magic
Færie blood begins to hum

One by one, then pair by pair
Enrapt, the dancers rise 
Touches gentle as a kiss
Promised in their eyes

One pair departs unnoticed
Two, then three and four
To share their music elsewhere 
Far from the crowded floor

One couple left within the space
Their faces lined with age
Wingbeats slow,  hands caress
Memories in their gaze

Hand in hand, they leave on foot
The music fades away
Wing to wing they close the door
And let the memories play


  1. Poetry and faeries... I love the direction you took this in, and the focus on the aged couple.. so sweet.

  2. Ohhhhhh, Renee!! This absolutely wonderful! Just wonderful! Such vivid images as they dance wing to wing, then tiptoe away one by one.

    AHHH! I love it!

  3. she DOES rhyme! lovely rhythm, too.

  4. Beautiful, magical. :)

  5. Wing to wing is such a vivid description, and the overall tone of the piece does remind me of a dance-light and rhythmic.

  6. Beautiful, timeless and perfectly mesmerizing! Glittered breath and humming blood... my senses feel like they've been caressed by a dream... you have lovely talent!

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  8. I love the rhythm and melody of your writing. Very nice.
    Big fan of faeries as well.