Monday, September 5, 2011

I Miss...

This week’s prompt is to use this image for your inspiration and begin your post with those words…”I miss my childhood…”

I miss my childhood.
I miss sultry summer days with nothing to do but soak up sunshine and fresh air.
I miss laughing hysterically for no reason.
I miss sleeping soundly all night and waking up with energy to spare.
I miss snow days that meant staying indoors snug in a blanket.
I miss bumps and bruises that went away overnight.
I miss when tomorrow seemed to take forever to come.

I miss whole days spent playing outdoors with no worry of being abducted.
I miss not knowing how hard it is to choose between wants and needs.
I miss being clueless about hunger and poverty.
I miss never hearing about the terrible things people do to each other.

I miss the ignorance of innocence.


  1. The line about wants and needs really struck me for some reason. Deciding to stay home with my kids really made that line more pronounced, and it's still tough for me sometimes!

  2. Oh gosh, I miss all those things too.

    Well, except for the snow one. It rarely snowed where I lived. ;)

    It's too bad that we don't cherish the innocence more when we are young...

  3. I guess I missed more than I said in my post, I do miss snow days! Although I occassionally still get one because I live in an area that freaks out over one flake of snow! Lovely post.

  4. I too, miss when tomorrow would take forever to come! THAT point is SO true!! Time moves way too fast these days!!

  5. I love the innocence that you captured, and juxtaposed to all that we know and think about today. Sigh-worthy, yes?

  6. I love this. It's all so achingly true. Melancholy, but true.