Friday, August 19, 2011

Parallel Paths

The trip home from the Circle of Seven Trees...

They had to leave immediately.  Every moment spent amid the seven trees meant about ten minutes passing in the human world. It seemed small, but became hours quickly.

"I'm going on ahead with Barry, Mother. We'll get home faster."  Lyabet was in a hurry now. "I'll look for you by the oak"

Tam laughed at her daughter, "I'll be waiting when you get there, 'Bet. Just because you slog through earth doesn't mean I do. I could teach you a few tricks there!"

"Another day I think. Right now I'll travel the way I know. And Barry needs to start learning the ways."  Lyabet began let her physical body "thin", she encouraged her young son to do the same.  She felt the air begin to flow through her as her body lightened. Barry followed his mother's example and they began to rise.

"Just stay within my space, Barry, I'll carry you home." She read the breezes like a roadmap. This one lead here, that one there. When a strong gust going her way came close, she melded herself to it.

She loved the air, the feel within her being. The freedom from weight and gravity. Her senses expanded as she became one with the breeze. She could see for miles, heard the musical voices of others of her kind. She felt the wind in her soul.

As she flowed from gust to cloud to summer breeze, she suddenly became aware of another presence in the air. Following her path, sharing her space.


Too late she recognized the presence with her. They were already home.


  1. First? Love the new thumbnail :)

    Ahhh, the elementals...

    I like how the lightness of the piece fades to the heaviness at the end: "...sharing her space...Too late she recognized the presence with her." Innocuous words, but such foreboding with the "too late".

    The imagery of Lyabet traveling on the wind is lovely and perfect.

  2. I always wonder when I visit someone's link-up whether it's something that is a part of a greater piece, or whether it's a random short that isn't related to any of the writer's other stuff.
    The end had me a bit confused.. it seemed a bit foreboding, but then they were home? Was that a good thing or a bad thing?

  3. Your description of the elemental travel was fantastic, the sense of melding into breezes made me think of how birds use updrafts and thermal columns. It really made me think of flying.

    I, too, was a little tripped up by the ending. It came on so fast, and the "too late" definitely has some darkness I wasn't expecting. Not sure if the "too late" or the "already home" is the part to fear.

    I'm certainly interested to see where you're going to take it, though. I like Lyabet and her family.