Friday, March 25, 2011

Not Just Another Donut

But this week's prompt is simple: write a piece, fiction or non-fiction, inspired by the delicious shot. Word limit is 600.

I'm beautiful, a pink delight
A sugar laden treasure 
Plump and moist and sprinkle frilled
A tasty morning pleasure

Little teeth take greedy bites
Tiny tongues lap icing
Sprinkles stuck on chubby cheeks
I find them so enticing

Another nibble, one more bite
Almost to the goal
Hurry now to chew right through
And breach the donut hole 

I have them now, the little brats
Their cheeks I am embracing
With jaws of yeast and frosting glue
A trap of their own making

I'll bet a bright pink donut
Was not one of their fears
I suck them in with greedy bites
Lapping more than tears

I feel so fresh and whole again
I hope it's not too late
To find another hiding place
On some sweet kiddie's plate 

Those Grimm boys didn't get it right
In fact, they seldom did 
They always want to blame the witch
But t'was I who ate the kids


  1. "I'm beautiful, a pink delight
    A sugar laden treasure
    Plump and moist and sprinkle frilled
    A tasty morning pleasure"

    I LOVED this verse! But I adored the ending even more! The Brothers Grimm would have been proud.

  2. @Not Just Another Mother Blogger! Thank you! I knew those 2 verses soon after the prompt went up. Took me 3 days to figure out the rest.

  3. This was ripe with delightful images. I could taste that donut - I might have put on a pound or two just reading your poem. A great take on the prompt!

  4. HAHA! I loved it! This was fantastic!!! Great way to pull off the doughnut prompt. :) What a fun post!

  5. This was really good, Renee! I can't believe you were nervous about posting this!!

  6. Oh wow! I had to read it twice and the second time, I distinctly heard an evil donut voice.


  7. @Kim thank you, the outside the box take was because I'm a salty snack fan. I really didn't find the donut appealing at all, hehe.

  8. @Andrea (ace1028) I love when I'm giggling maniacally as I type.

  9. @Cheryl Thanks you! I wasn't sure I'd pulled it off. I struggled with parts of it.

  10. @Mandyland lol! Evil donut voice! I love it.

  11. This was excellent! I loved it. Very clever and tooooo funny.

  12. OH, Fabulous! I love how the tone shifted so naturally and in such a sinister fashion. Really, really well done.

  13. HA! I think you win for Most Clever take on the prompt. This needs to be illustrated. Seriously.

  14. Renee, I wish you could have seen my face when I read the turning stanza: I have them now, the little brats....

    That. Was. Awesome.

    I'm still grinning.

  15. @Lisa Taylor
    Thank you, I had fun with this one.

  16. @Nancy C
    Thanks, and watch out for those donuts!

  17. @Ilana
    Thank you! I'm not sure illustrating a kid eating donut sounds umm, appetizing?

  18. @CDG @ Move Over Mary Poppins!
    Did you take a picture of that face? I wanna see it!
    And, I was maybe giggling a bit as I put this together. Maybe.