Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hazardous Record

A small teaser for the Nano project. Inspired by a prompt from Master Class Monday at Our Write Side

Trey listened to RJ’s plan with only half of his attention. The third of their cohorts, Clarence, was in the corner of the tent unconscious. 

Their captors had left them to stew for more time than he’d expected. Probably hoping one or another would cook up some escape plan and create an excuse to beat them up again.  Trey preferred not to go that route. 

“Dude, are you even listening to me?” RJ punched him in the arm.

“Yeah, and I’m thinking.” Trey muttered.

RJ rolled his eyes, “Your thinking is interfering with the listening.” He got up and paced the small confines of the tent.

“Well, whatever we decide, we should wait for Clarence to wake up.” Trey walked over to check on his friend for the tenth time in the last hour. “He seems to be breathing okay.” Trey prodded him gently, He was answered with a groan and shift in position, but nothing more.

RJ looked on, “are you sure you want his opinion? He has a hazardous record in the planning thing. That’s why were stuck in here instead of back home at dinner with our families.”

Trey shrugged, “we could have said no. We made our own decisions.”

“I would've made a different decision if I’d know it meant traveling to a different dimension full of demons and spider people.” RJ gave Trey a look that dared him to disagree.


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