Monday, April 30, 2012


He twitched an ear, listening for the familiar rumble of the old pickup.  His nose pressed to the window as people came to the house.

Every click of car door, every tap of heel brought him to his feet.

He acknowledged each new face politely, then returned to his post.

Voices from the other room.

"Mary, I'm so sorry."

"Mary, can I do anything?"

Another car door, another face, a word for him.

"Hey Duke, how you doing boy?" He accepted the pat with a perfunctory tail wag.

He quickly returned to the window, watching, listening. Waiting for his friend.


I tried something new,  I took a shot at the 100 word song with Lance.  This week's track is 

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog


  1. Oh, sweet. And sad. They don't forget, and they don't ever really understand, even when they accept.

  2. I. Love. That. First. Line.

    Oh damn this was good. Great interpretation and welcome to 100 words. You are a hell of a singer, errr writer.


  3. I teared up on this one - such a surprising and touching take!