Monday, August 31, 2015

777 Challenge

I have been tagged by Amanda N. Butler for the 777 challenge! The challenge is to post seven lines found on the seventh page of your work in progress, and tag seven writers.

I'm always hesitant to do these things. Mostly because I'm going to annoy seven other people. goes.

The lines are from the story I'm trudging through on Wattpad.

"Jonah crept out of the ragged forest as the sun began peering through the trees behind him. He would have liked to have the cover of leaves, but autumn had set in, and the trees were all but naked. He looked back at the trees, soft pastels, muted further by early morning fog silhouetted the bare trunks with the promise of light.
In the encroaching dawn he saw the road leading to a cluster of buildings. The last thing he expected out here was a town. He stopped at the outskirts, indecisive. Hunger rejoiced at the thought of finding food."
And here is my list of seven victims.
Cameron Garriepy
Stephanie Ayers
Patricia Lynne
Rose Ketring
Of The Wilds
Thomas Marlowe
Lyssa Medana
Forgive me.


  1. I love your description! It kind of reminds me of the imagery of Adam.

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  3. I have risen to your challenge, my friend: