Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Morning After

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Lyssa Medana
It's been a long time since I've written anything.  I feel dull and rusty. But I desperately needed to jump back.  So I combined prompts, an old haunt of mine Lance Burson's 100 Word Song and a new place, Light and Shade Challenge, hosted by Thomas Marlowe and Lyssa Medana.  The song, Bigmouth strikes again, by the Smith's. And a photo from Light and Shade. So here are 100 words....

The sun's morning rays filtering through the trees massaged Jonah's cramped  muscles to wakefulness.  He sat up slowly, began to gather the shreds of the clothing he'd been wearing last night.

With a sigh, he looked about, trying to get an idea of where he might be.

Then he caught sight of a rabbit's remains only a few feet from the wall he had been curled against.  

Overcoming the nausea and sense of defeat, he wondered idly what the time was.  Eventually, he'd have to find his way back.  Pretend this was a bad dream, and rejoin the human race.


  1. Jonah is a man with a problem I think... a recurring problem it seems. Beautifully told story of the morning after... Thanks so much for linking up

  2. It sounds like the man has more problems than an average hangover. Thank you for jumping in, it's great to see you. Lyssa M x

  3. WOW, that was brilliant. Talk about a nightmare found the morning after. I think I would be running away instead of doing the walk of shame away.

  4. Jumping in with the dark and creepy, I see. Made me shiver, Renee!

  5. Love it.

    Your song is up and running....on a full tank.

  6. Renee! Glad to see a fres post here. Poor Jonah. He's got a long road to walk home.