Friday, September 14, 2012

Ye Olde Shoppe

Write On Edge: Red-Writing-HoodThis week, I offer you this photo.(the photo is a sky full of red, yellow, and blue umbrellas)
Go where ever it leads.
You have a generous 500 words.

The showroom was eerily quiet. She preferred shopping early to avoid being rushed and distracted from her quest, but this emptiness was unsettling.

She'd found the shop while surfing the web. Her favorite dealer had closed its doors for good shortly after her last purchase.  She should have upgraded several years ago, but she hated buying from strangers.

She wandered haphazardly from one model to another. They were all fairly similar. The only difference she could discern was in color.  And only three colors seemed to be available.  Primary colors.

She sighed audibly and cast her eyes over the display one more time. The blue was not the right shade for her eyes.  The yellow would be impossible to keep clean.  The red, well the red was just too risque. After all, one must keep up appearances.

She clutched her bag a bit closer and brushed a speck of barely visible dust from her long skirt. Habit made her pat the hat atop her tightly coiffed hair. Just as she turned toward the exit a voice called out.

"I'm so sorry Miss, I'd no idea anyone was here this early."  The salesman looked genuinely apologetic, flashing a hopeful smile. "Please, may I show you the new options we offer in our most popular models?"

"Options?  Really all I require is a smooth ride and low maintenance." She took another step toward the door. "And I was specifically looking for something in a dark grey, or at least midnight blue."

"Oh. I'm afraid we don't have anything darker than the red."  The young man looked around the showroom dejectedly.  His shoulders slumped as his eyes reassured him there was no other color than the bright primaries.

She looked at him a little closer.  He was very young. Not much older than some of her charges.

"How long have you been employed here...Peter?" She looked back to his face from his name tag.

"This is my first week. It's been very slow.  Not many looking for these anymore I guess."  He shrugged sadly.

She chuckled, "No, not many. But enough.  Alright, young man, show me those options."

His delighted grin lifted her earlier unease, "Oh, yes!  Right this way Miss..."

"Poppins, Mary Poppins."  She followed him back to the display.  Maybe that red wasn't so bad after all.


  1. Practically Perfect in every way!

    I think Julie Andrew's Mary would have LOVED a red umbrella!

    1. thank you, and you're so right about that red umbrella!

  2. How could I NOT read a piece from another Renee! ;-)

    What a fun piece!

    I love the idea of Mary Poppins looking for a new umbrella.

    1. Glad you stopped by!

      All I could think of was Mary Poppins when I saw those umbrellas.

  3. LOL I loved that. It seems to fit Mary Poppins perfectly.

  4. THE Mary Poppins! HEART.

    I thought cars all the way through, as I'm sure you intended! I had a few days to forget the prompt post, so let me assure: well done.

    Mary Poppins... GREAT idea. :)

    1. Glad it caught you off guard, I love when that happens. Thank you for reading.