Friday, June 8, 2012

It's Friday

Its Friday.   That means I babysit my grandkids.  The grandson and granddaughter.  Different as night and day, and not just in gender.

The boy is three and a half, full of wonder and energy.  In love with big trucks and Thomas the Tank Engine and driving over bridges. And digging for treasure in the back yard.

 Even though I think he was running a fever as the day wore on, he still wanted to go outside with his grampa.  

Then he needed to come inside to play with gramma.  Which means hijacking my iPod and/or Kindle Fire.  Because Angry Birds is on both.  As well as Cars and several Abc,1,2,3 games I bought just for him.

 Or asking a million questions.  Including, "what is your name?"  And when I tell him Reneé, he cracks up and says, "no it's not, it's Gramma!"

 He was more subdued today.  I could feel the heat radiate from him as he leaned into me.  I may pay for that. 

Although, later was another round of running through the house giggling hysterically, being chased by his little sister.

 She?  Is a character.  A wee bit bow-legged right now at 18 months. Not that it slows her down.  She's demanding and headstrong.  A princess in army boots.  Stomping her foot if she's thwarted in any way.  If that doesn't work, she'll fall to the floor in a heap of rebellion.

 She's enamored of her big brother, following him relentlessly.  Her little legs hard pressed to keep up.  Sometimes he's okay with that. Sometimes not so much.  But she'd follow him to the moon and back if he'd let her.

 Where the boy will sit still with me, she seldom does.   She prefers being on the move.  If she's still, she's asleep.

 I'm in love with these children. I have patience and time I never found for my daughter, though I love her more than she can ever know.   She is the mommy I should have been.

 Perhaps its age and maturity, but this "gramma" gig?  Is the best time of my life.

Write On Edge: Red-Writing-Hood The Prompt: 500 words to write a piece, fiction or non-fiction, which includes the phrase “to the moon.”


  1. "She is the mommy I should have been." What a great thing to keep in mind as I raise my own kids (3 and 1) - to strive to be that mommy before I am a grandmother myself. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I like seeing this from a grandmother's perspective. My kids are close to my mom, and I love that. Also, of course you have more patience and time with grandkids :) Don't be too hard on yourself about that; it's one of the perks of the grandmother-grandchild relationship to see only the wonder in the grandkids.

  3. I like this. It was almost like reading about my younger two who are the same ages, except they are both girls.

  4. Ah, young children are amazing things to spend time with. It's lovely too when you get to hand them back to the parents. Enjoy your time with them. ;)

  5. I'm just smiling over here.

    Felix is like this with my mom, and it's so great. And "a princess in army boots" is my kind of girl.

  6. Maybe I'm just getting overly sentimental, but I love this. I'm expecting my first this summer. This one will also be the first grandchild for my parents and for my husband's dad. Reading this makes me hope and pray I can have a relationship something like this with my child, as well has having our parents this close to the baby as well!

  7. So very wonderful. I'm so glad you have this time, and these opportunities to savor every moment.

  8. Ooh so nice! This is a beautiful, charming post. Very, very well done.